Bipolar Disorder Signs

2015 Bipolar Update

Bipolar Disorder Signs

A bipolar disorder can be very frustrating and even dangerous both to the individual that has it as well as those who they come in contact with. It can cause job loss, financial burdens, outrageous behavior and in many ways destroy lives and families. For these reasons, it is important for everyone to know and understand bipolar disorder signs. This is especially true if an individual feels they or a loved one are experiencing the signs and symptoms or if there is a family history of the problem.

Bipolar disorder signs can strike men, women or children of any racial, ethnic or social background. Its causes are still not completely understood by the medical community though research seems to point to factors involving heredity and chemical imbalance. It has been found that children of individuals with bipolar are much more likely to acquire it than those who have no family history of it. This means it could be caused by hereditary reasons or by the environment the children have been brought up in. It could in fact be a combination of these factors.

Bipolar disorder can vary with each individual but in almost all cases the bipolar person many times find themselves experiencing one of two extremes. They are either unrealistically happy with life and feel as if everything is perfect and they can do and accomplish anything they wish, or they are unrealistically depressed feeling that they are worthless and life contains nothing that can make them happy.

During their high, or manic periods, bipolar individuals feel extremely energetic and usually talk in loud, fast tones and change conversation topics very rapidly. They may sleep very little but it does not seem to bother them, at least in their mind. They may also engage in dangerous and risky behavior and participate in alcohol and drug abuse. For this reason a bipolar disorder at times is thought to be a behavioral problem instead of a medical one. During the manic phase, someone with an advanced case of a bipolar disorder may even have delusional thoughts or have psychosomatic experiences.

Once the manic phase of their bipolar phase is over, most bipolar individuals enter the depressive phase. During this period their behavior is totally opposite of what it was just hours earlier. They want to sleep extensively and do not seem to have the energy to do anything. They feel as though the world and everyone in it is against them and can find nothing to do that gives them any type of enjoyment. Unfortunately, in the depressive period one of the bipolar disorder signs can be thoughts of taking their own life. This is one reason why a bipolar individual needs to seek or be presented with professional help.

There are different types of bipolar disorder, but the main two are bipolar I and bipolar II. The examples above are more of the bipolar I individual. The bipolar II has some of the same experiences but they do not happen as often and they are not as severe. A bipolar II will never experience the psychosomatic symptoms that many bipolar I individuals experience.

However, even though the bipolar disorder signs of a bipolar II individual are less severe they should still see a medical provider. If they are left undiagnosed their condition can worsen with time.

I hope this article has in some way been helpful in identifying possible bipolar disorder signs. The main symptoms to look for are the extreme highs followed by extreme lows.

Fortunately in today's world there is no reason for a bipolar individual not to have a very productive and happy lifestyle. There are many new treatments and drugs specifically for this medical problem and when taken as directed are completely effective. The main problems that occur with someone who has been diagnosed as bipolar and under a doctor's care, is for them to take it on their own to stop their treatment. Perhaps they have not had an occurrence of the problem for a long period of time and decide they no longer need it. This is a bad judgment call. The reason they have not been experiencing bipolar disorder signs was because they were taking medication to prevent them.

As stated earlier, there is no reason an individual with a bipolar disorder can not live a normal life. This is the bottom line. Get diagnosed, take your doctor's advice and get on with your life.

Our site has a wealth of information on bipolar disorders and bipolar disorder signs and we are constantly adding others. If you are bipolar or know someone who is, bookmark our page. One thing a bipolar individual can do to keep their disease in check is to gain as much knowledge about it as possible.

May 27, 2015 - If you think you or someone you know is having bipolar disorder signs you should see that professional help is sought. Bipolar disorders have a tendency to only get worse with time if left untreated. There is lots of good help available.

May 28, 2015 - One thing a bipolar patient as well as their family can do is join a support group. It is always helpful to hear what someone you know is going through the same thing has to say. Many times they may have some very helpful advice on bipolar disorder signs and what to how to handle different situations that arise.

May 29, 2015 - Although the odds are very against a romantic relationship when a bipolar individual is involved, it is possible. This of course will take a lot of work from both parties. Almost 90% of bipolar relationships fail. However, since a little over 10% of the relationships succeed that shows it is possible.

May 30, 2015 - Many people are asking if bipolar is hereditary. Many researchers feel that it is a real possibility since in many instances there is more than one bipolar individual in family. However, others feel it could be more of an environmental situation since all the family members have been experiencing the same mental conflicts while in the same family environment.

June 3, 2015 - There are four different types of bipolar disorders. They are classed according to the seriousness of the episodes as far as the extreme mood swings go. Bipolar I is the most serious and can even include hallucinations. When this occcurs the patient must many times be hospitalized where they can get specialized treatment. This is one reason why helping someone having bipolar disorder signs to get treatment is important.

June 9, 2015 - As research on bipolar disorders and bipolar disorder signs and symptoms continues, there are a number of treatment options being offered. The medical field is finding and testing a number of drugs which they hope will help keep bipolar disorders under control.